Independent Contractor - License # 11895

Stefan Fursthas an extensive background in both athletics and massage. Born in Vienna Austria he competed in Gymnastics and Sports-Acrobatics for the Austrian National Team. 


He attended Sports-Instructor school and coaching school for gymnastics, flexibility and strength training at the Wiener Staatsoper Ballettschule (Vienna State Opera Ballet School) and the Koho Shiatsu School at the Shintenoshi Institute in Austria. He has had further training in Structural Integration in Santa Monica, CA and Sports Massage Training at the Sports Massage Institute in Costa Mesa, CA.

Experience with Excellence:

“Whether you are an amateur or a Professional athlete, I will do my best to get your muscles in shape!” Stefan has treated many athletes of different levels, including track and field athletes at the Prefontaine Classic.

Stefan continues his personal fitness and dedicates extensive time towards educating others about body balance and social involvement. He started running Marathons in 1996, Triathlons in 1997 and Adventure Racing in 1998. Windsurfing is still a passion and he can be seen at the Gorge in the summer months. “Cycling and Fundraising for the LIVESTRONG Cancer Foundation is a must each year,” adds Stefan who has not missed a single Livestrong event.

Stefan currently coaches Gymnastics at VEGA Gymnastics. He is teaching acrobatics at Do Jump and the Circus Project.

Stefan has served the Beaverton and Portland are with distinction for years.