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Side Plank Progressions

 In this week's exercise video, Dr. Adam Meisenhelder, chiropractor at Back In Motion Chiropractic & Sports Rehab in Beaverton, Oregon, demonstrates several variations of the side plank. The side plank is a fundamental core exercise, and is a great compliment to the front plank, featured in a previous blog post. The side plank targets the transversus abdominus, glute medius, glute minimus, adductor, and internal and external obliques (highlighted in red in the picture below). 


 The side plank has been well researched, and is considered one of the safest and most effective exercises to target the lateral core muscles. It is also very important in preventing lower back pain and injury, as variances between left and right side plank endurance has been linked to increased incidence of lower back pain. 

For each of the variations shown in the video, begin with 10 repetitions on each side, held for 10 seconds. Every few weeks, test your progress with a maximum hold effort for time.

Let us know if you have any questions, and share your feedback!

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