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In the video below, Dr. Adam Meisenhelder of Back In Motion Chiropractic & Sports Rehab Center in Beaverton, Oregon demonstrates his favorite isometric neck strengthening exercises using a thera-ball. Any slightly deflated ball will work for this series of exercises. This series of exercises are an important component in the rehab of all neck injuries, particularly whiplash. Additionally, this is great prehab for athletes competing in contact sports such as football, lacrosse, rugby, wrestling, and jiu jitsu.

The neck is often overlooked when creating a comprehensive workout or prehab routine, with much more attention usually given to the core muscles. However, it is an essential component for injury prevention. At the Back In Motion Beaverton clinic, our chiropractic and massage therapy team will focus on joint manipulation and soft-tissue therapy, both with the aim of restoring range of motion and tissue functioning. Adding these exercises to your recovery will help greatly to restore stability to your cervical spine, decreasing the chance of future injury. 

The graphic below shows the complexity and multiple layering of the muscles supporting the neck. With these exercises, we are targeting each muscle group to varying degrees, for a well-rounded workout. 



Following are keys to getting the most out of these: - Keep you body in a good plank position, so activate your core to stay straight as a board. - Rotate around and hit all 4 cervical positions: right lateral flexion, left lateral flexion (ball positioned on the side of the head), flexion (ball positioned on the front of the head), and extension ) ball positioned on the back of the head). - Add as much body angle as you can while still performing quality repetitions. Challenge yourself as you gain strength by increasing your body angle. Once you can perform these with the ball on the floor in full plank, you have achieved Master status!!:)

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