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Chiropractic & Babe Ruth

Chiropractic & Babe Ruth

Chiropractic care is pretty much ubiquitous in the world of professional sports, and in fact in the world of weekend warrior sports as well. Our profession as moved from the fringe (for those embracing modern therapy) into the mainstream, in no small part thanks to the demands of professional athletes. The physicians at Back In Motion all have experience working with professional and amateur athletes of all levels, sometimes taking for granted the opportunities that we have to work with so many talented individuals from all walks of life. As with most professions, sports chiropractors are only as strong as those who have come before us and paved the way for the next generation. With that in mind, I could not help sharing this newspaper clipping from the early 20th century featuring the team physician and chiropractor for the New York Yankees, Dr. Eric Painter. It is said that the Yankees asked for this to be kept quite, believing that having a team chiropractor gave them a competitive edge - something they did not want their competition to catch on to! While I can't confirm how much truth their is to that story, it is well documented that the decade they had with Dr. Painter (1920s to 1930s) as their team physician was one of the best in their history. Coincidence?

The chiropractic team at Back In Motion in Beaverton is proud to build on the foundation created by Dr. Painter and countless others throughout the last century, including our own Dr. Ted Forcum. It is our mission to continue advancing the specialty of sports chiropractic in the Portland and Beaverton community, helping our neighbors get out of pain and back to doing the things they love.

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